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Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
, jay korff abc 7 news. >> a young man in our region stays out past his bedtime for the big election. >> they want the show to actually represent real people. >> first an exclusive look behind the scenes. >> many of you are following the sex, lies, and music of the new abc drama "nashville." >> it is about a young, up-and- coming star trying to establish herself as a musician. autria godfrey shows how a real life hotspot made it into the show. >> hollywood meets music city. >> a huge fan of country music. >> mixing business with pleasure as she converges with country's biggest stars. >> just the fact the people of nashville and our fans are accepting of the show and are encouraging means everything to us. that is what we wanted. >> she plays a hot new star julia barnes, taking the country seen by storm giving an old school legend a run for her money. it is a story line some know all too well. >> that part is really fun. >> her career was nurtured at the iconic bluebird cafe. >> i got my record deal in this room. i have had many moments here. i had my first date with my husband in thi
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
after the election. >> the timing i think from our point of view was poor. it should have been done sooner. >> the white house says the president first learned the day after the election. >> petraeus had been scheduled committees on thursday about the attacks in libya. now those same committees are going to meet on wednesday to talk about his affair. >> tom we should note that we're learning more details about jill kelly in addition to saying that she and her husband are friends with the prer trace family in a statement earlier kelly asked for privacy. kelly served as an unpaid social liaison for mcdill air force base in tampa. >> it is veterans day and this morning president obama paid tribute at arlington national cemetery. the president laid the wreath. after the ceremony the president praised the sacrifices of american servicemen and women an their families. president obama said more needs to be done to honor their service not just on this day but every day. >> thousands gathered at the vietnam veterans memorial to honor those who sac
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
business owners. next week, their first post election negotiations. >> local relief efforts in the wake of super storm sandy have intensified tonight ten days after sandy hit. a fairfax county group is trying to keep the -- help fill the needs of millions in new york and new jersey. live in mcclain loo more on this mission of mercy. >> i can tell you these trucks have been sitting here because of the nor easter that we saw but the goal is to get the contents delivered tomorrow so that these folks can get them sometime saturday, sunday. >> so many that three moving trucks packed with donations are parked waiting to be delivered. >> we now have filled two trucks like that and this is the end of the third. everything as you can see from fairly new baby gear and tons of clothing, warm coats new blankets new sweat shirts. >> jennifer is one of the moms who started the donation drive earlier this week. a semi-filled with much needed relief left wednesday for new jersey. the snow kept the driver from returning to get the rest. once again, the community c
Nov 10, 2012 11:30pm EST
of the 2012 presidential election has been finalized. it shows that the president did win florida over mitt romney, a 50% to 49%. that gives some 332 electoral votes to romney felt 206. -- romney's 206. >> two women were assaulted and robbed not only of their phones, but also of their coats. people living in this neighborhood said they had no idea about this. >> they did not know until our news crew showed up on the street asking questions. and this was a very violent assault. they never flashed a weapon, but they threatened to shoot the women if they did not cooperate. >> it is 48 st. nw, just before 1:00 saturday morning. two women were walking down the street when two vehicles rolled up alongside the. both women were sexually assaulted, then robbed of their coats and cell phone as. >> you know, my neighborhood is real cool, you know? the neighbors get along. everybody is real cool. >> it is stunning news in what neighbors say is as a community not far from the metro. there are children, teenagers and women who walk home at night. >> i am scared. i am concerned about the whole situation.
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
and elected officials accountable. >> on the other side of this issue, some argue the case was flimsyme brown at best. the federal judge sentenced him to only 1 days confinement. prosecutors, though, say this is words: greed and ambition. sticking with d.c. government, d.c. mayor vincent gray celebrated his 70th evening.this was welcomed by friends and his birthdayorters was last week, but tonight was his party. >> we had a bizarre story to e with you. >> of former dancing with the celebrity, and the that led to an arrest. a brawl between a bus driver and a customer. the bus driver is the one who's through the first punch. wine lead you to the fountain of youth? >> heading out tomorrow, not y wine, but you better bundle up. makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibankba easier banking. ['s me. but i'm not just a number. i have a purpose. a higher purpose. [ muffled ] have some respect! not good. oh, man. hello? mm, no! finally -- the buck stops here. [ male announc
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5